Dear Colleague;


I would like to ask anyone who could share competency assessment for POCT Coordinators/ Staff.  Your assistance is of great help!

Thank you so much!

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I would like an example of this as well.  Additionally, those POCC's that have had their competency assessed, who does the assessing?  I was recently told that I would have to have my competency assessed for all testing/devices that I train or assess competency on and this should be done yearly.  Also, the person assessing my competency must be someone with experience and who is competent in that testing/device.  Just wondering how everyone is accomplishing that.






Hello Everyone!

May I ask if anyone who can share their Competency Assestment for POCT Coordinator.  Thanking all of you in advance! 

I would also be interested in obtaining a copy of Competency Assessment for POC Coordinator. Who exactly will be doing the assessment of the POCC? Thank you in advance!

I would also be interested in obtaining a copy of Competency Assessment for POC Coordinator.  Thanks!  Nancy

Hello Everyone,

I have just started in Point of Care, but I do have a copy of my Competency Assessment for POCC.  If you are interested please contact




Can I get a copy of your POC Competency Assessment?




Sent the assesment to everyone who has reached out to me.  please let me know if you see anything that might need to be added .

Mr. Rudic,

I would also like a copy of what you are using to determine if we should make changes to ours.

Much appreciated for your willingness to share.

Hi Adella,

Please either give me your email address or contact me on mine.  Joseph.Rudic@tuhs.temple.edu

I would appreciate a copy of this competency assessment


Thank you

Please send me a copy as well. Thank you!


I would like a copy as well.  kim.kubricky@aurora.org


I would appreciate a copy also! dkicklighter@firsthealth.org




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Thank you,


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I would also appreciate a copy.  Thank you in advance


I would also appreciate a copy.


Thank you

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I would also like to know how you handled the competency assessment.

Hi Susan,

I am only in this position now for my 4th day.  My Director will be going over my assessment as we move on.  



To all,

I think the POCC comp really depends on what an inspector wants to see from the agency that you have chosen to inspect you.

When I was in a TJC house, we were cited for lack of comps for the POCC. TJC did not want the director to sign off on the comps because the director did not sign procedures PT, etc. The pathologist ended up signing the paperwork and that was that every year. I still have the form.

How my comps are handled for the CAP house I am currently in is quite different. My organization uses CAP for all comps. My boss just assigns the 3 of us (Regional QC person and Regional Education person and me) the comps off of the CAP site she thinks are the most useful. Usually it is things like competencies and safety, pretty general stuff.

If anyone wants to have a copy of the form that I used for the TJC house, send me a private e-mail at dxbogner@baptisthealthsystem.com

Deanna Bogner

Hi Joseph,

I would also appreciate a copy of your POCC competency. diane.hagerman@mclaren.org


Thank you :)


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