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Does anyone do bedside creatinine testing.  If so what do you recommend Pro and Cons :  i believe INR and CTNI machines are FDA approved and NOVA Biomedical.  

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Anybody using any of these machines for Creatinine 

We use the Nova StatSensor in CT and MRI. The staff really like it and we have no issues. They prefer a fingerstick method so that if the patient doesn't meet the requirements for contrast, they haven't wasted time and resources to start the IV.

We use the i-STAT. It might be the only waived i-STAT cartridge that requires a venous draw instead of a fingerstick. Other than that, we have no issues and it's very accurate/fast/easy. Of course, if your institution does not already have i-STATs, you probably don't want to buy them just for creatinine.

For the people who use istat waived creatinine for MRI, rad, etc- what is your process for collection? I know it needs to be collected in a vacutainer tube but what collection devices do you use to get the blood to tube and then from tube to cartridge?



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The radiology tech collects a venous sample in a lithium heparin tube. We have single-drop dispensers that attach to the tops of vacutainers. They are used to fill the cartridges (also used here to dispense blood for manual diffs). Below is a link to one such device (they are made by multiple companies, though).


Thank you all for your input and thank you Karen for your input looks like we are going to considers Nova stat sensor

Thank you Jessica.
Do your Rad techs collect from the IV or do a separate venipuncture?

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