Interfacing Glucose Meter Results into LIS

I was so pleased to finally have my glucose POC results interfaced through RALS into my Harvest LIS. This allows electronic tracking of all the results and can be graphed. Today I was disappointed to learn that some of the physicians don't like this feature because it requires them to page down past all the glucose POC results to get to the lab results they wish to review. I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced any similar observations or complaints.

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What is your HIS?  Often physicians can edit their own settings so they can see (or not see) only what they want.  Usually the "order" of display in an HIS is hard-set, but there may be options to deselect certain things, but probably not to change the order in which they appear on the screen.

sometimes your HIS can also post to different areas in the chart. Our POC results post to different area in the flowchart than the lab results.


Good suggestions. Unfortunately, our HIS is not fully implemented. Nor is it one that is standard throughout healthcare. Where it is in use, the nurses manually input the results into the HIS. For other patient care areas, they continue to use paper charting. 

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