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Do you any of your labs or point of care test sites perform a rapid group b strep test?  Our hospital is asking but I have not heard of a test.  It sounds expensive.



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We do not, but I am curious as to what the urgency is that is driving the POC need as opposed to central lab?  What is the sample site?

There should be a limit to what lab test we offer at POC.

POC testing should not be offered only  for convenience to the physician.

Unless there is  a need for results to be immediate for the treatment of the patient

Turnaround time is a big factor when POC is requested

POC will also contribute to the higher cost of medical care

     if we do not rein in what tests  is wanted  right then and  right now.

That is why we have to have  a justification form from the  unit requesting new  POC test.

Well said Pet, and I agree completely.  We require them to justify as well.

Sometimes those justifications can be surprising though.  At one point, my clinics wanted to add HbA1C as a POCT and I couldn't imagine why.  But they explained that they were starting a group clinic setting and they wanted to maximize 'peer pressure' among patients to increase compliance and therefore needed the A1C value at the time of the appointment. 

  In the end, the whole idea fell apart, but I couldn't disagree that that was a decent enough reason.  However, the clinic eventually transferred to alternate administration and the new folks in charge did not see the wisdom in their reasoning and blocked the project!

We get asked all the time to do POCT because "We are not meeting the metric for X."

We also have a justification form....but usually the docs get what they have requested.

Deanna Bogner




I volunteer at a Free Clinic and we offer A1C because these patients come

every 3 months to have their blood glucose, microalbumin  and A1C checked

so the doctor can make a decision on the course of treatment.

I think A1C is a good example of a test that should be done at POC.

We offer HCG, FLU, Mono, Strep A, Chem8+ ( with H&H)  UA, Microalbumin, A1C, and HIV at this free clinic.

But there are some tests that some doctors want because they want it now.

Does it change the patients quality of care? Probably not.

We look at the benefits of new tests and how robust are they that we are not giving false pos or  false neg results .

Just because they are fast does not mean they are best.

Patient compliance and socioeconomic status figure in as well, with whether or not to implement POCT.  I know my clinics in underserved areas really struggle just to reach their patients to come in for their appointments.  So, they want to get everything done at the one appointment they are lucky enough to get them to come in for because they may never see them again, or even be able to reach them by phone.  Unfortunate, but true.


I work for a County hospital.  Most of the patients that are admitted to Labor and Delivery do not receive prenatal care or the records are not easily accessed (different country).  L&D wants a different platform than the standard group b strep culture for a faster turnaround.


Stacie - so the sample site is typically vaginal?


How are you performing Group B Strep Screens now? We inoculate a Carrot Broth and confirm negatives on our Illumigene platform in our main micro lab. Positives are a 24 hour TAT, from the time they are set up.

I am a micro tech and our POCC.

This is a great link to find what may be available for your needs

:) Michelle

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