Transcutaneous Bilirubin monitoring

For any facility currently using transcutaneous bilirubin meters, do you have an upper limit of allowable results before you require reflex testing to a serum/plasma based bilirubin assay prior to a clinician making a clinical decision to initiate phototherapy?  (sorry for the run on sentence)

Who is utilizing bilirubin meters in a clinic situation?  and what meter are you using?

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We require a serum bilirubin for the following:   <24 hrs TCB >8.0 and at 48 hr >10.   OUr meters I don't believe are recommended past 72 hours and only for term or near-term babies.  ivy

So, I just found out that our NICU has been performing Transcutaneous bilis on babies and I was wondering what FDA classification are they considered?  Does Lab typically monitor these?  Thanks

Our facility considers transcutaneous bilis a nursing process – not Point of Care.


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We use the Phillips bilicheck, and the Bhutani curve to suggest providers draw a serum bilirubin. The Bhutani curve combines the gestational age, coombs results, and a few other things, then provides a TC Bili that the child should be at. The AAP hyperbilirubinemia management guidelines suggest if the TC bili falls farther than +/- 3 from the suggested Bhutani curve than a serum is recommended. So we do that.

Follow up question! Does anyone have experience using the Drager bilirubin meter? I just want to know if anyone has any good or bad things to say about it?




We consider our transcutaneous bilirubin’s a nursing procedure, so we don’t have control over them.  We do, however, look at the results to ensure that the procedure was performed on the baby, not mom.



Our method stated that NICU babies do not fit the criteria for performing TCB.  It is only good for near or full term, >36 weeks.  

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