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Our lab is under CAP accreditation. The question has arisen whether instruments that directly enter results into the patient's EMR, such as the ISTAT, fall under Auto-verification, or is the interface considered just that, and interface. Any input would be appreciated!

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I do a yearly review of all POC results downloading to the LIS; checking that correct results, comments, reference ranges, etc.  I do each iSTAT cartridge type and profile and try to get varied examples  for each parameter that may star out, be > or <, critical highs/lows.  Ivy

In that Autoverification generally indicates that a set of logic rules are written into the LIS (specifically) for manipulation of the result, I would say that your iSTAT interface does not.  But I can see why you're asking and it is definitely a bit of a gray area.  But until CAP adds more detail to their standard, I think you are justified in saying that it does not fall under Autoverification.

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