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Researching CBC analyzers for our Pediatrics Unit. They would have a very small volume of samples, and are looking for a 5 part diff. I'm familiar with Sysmex pocH-100i, looking to gather info on other companies/analyzers. What do you use and how do you like it? Does anyone know of the Horiba Pentra MS?

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We used the Sysmex XS-1000's in our ED's at my previous employer and I liked them better than the pocHi. They are a little complex for a POC setting, but designed for single runs and low volume. 

One of my clinics has a Sysmex XP300, it is easy to use and maintenance is simple.  Main operators are non-lab staff.  Looked at the pocH-100i, did not like that if it broke I have to re-validate another instrument.


This is great info to have as we are having a discussion on providing a hemostasis lab in the OR setting with TEG, Verify now and possibly some hematology instrument to do at least platelets and H&H.  the pocH-100i was mentioned due to its small footprint but other options are welcomed.  


Thank you all for your feedback. I worked with the pochi at my last place of employment and was not impressed. There was more troubleshooting maintenance than anticipated and issues with correlating to the main Sysmex (ironically) analyzer in the lab. Service was also difficult, many phone calls and if all else failed, we had to box it up and send it from CO to NE. Typically a week or two TAT. I've just heard through the grapevine that now you have to send it to Canada??? Not sure of the validity, but something to consider.

Does anyone have experience with Beckman's DxH500?  

I am also looking into the DxH500.

I heard through the grapevine: DXH might not be released until end of 2018. They are now just starting to produce the US model and are awaiting a final decision from the FDA early 2018.

Not sure if this is still the case, since you are able to request a quote for it on their website...

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