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I have been searching for a linearity kit that will give me a higher PC02 (closer to 125-130 mmHg) on the i-Stat Analyzer.  I use Eurotrol however I am only able to reach 100 mmHg.  Our bench top instrument can reach up to 150 mmHg. Any suggestions?


Thank you

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Have you looked into the Eurotrol Hyperbaric Cue See?

I utilize the Eurotrol Hyperbaric CueSee to verify reportable range on the ISTAT.

I think around 100 is the best you will get for pCO2. The Eurotrol hyperbaric and hypoxic QC is only for pO2. I do one of two things: 1. CAP says your low, mid and high linearity only have to be reasonably close to the lowest and highest values for that analyte. Sometimes I hear a recommendation to aim for 50% of the low AMR and 10% of the high, but that is just a recommendation, not a requirement. So for blood gases, I can say that the commercially available tonometered ampules available on the market are the only choice we have, so they must be "reasonably close" because we have no other choice, and CAP would see that in every lab in the country. 2. I could also narrow my AMR on the analyzer to come a little closer to the AMR I actually obtained.

I suppose a third option would be if I had another blood gas analyzer in house that was able to validate AMR that high, if I managed to find a patient sample at or above linearity for that analyze I could run it on the primary device, then validate it on the secondary device. But in the case of pCO2 I don't think a linearity material exists that would work. But I may be wrong.

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Hi Silka,

Yes you are correct the Eurotrol Hyper/Hypo is for the PO2. The highest I have been able to reach is 111 mmHg. My Director has challenged me to find a solution that will reach closer to 130 mmHg. I believe that option three is going to be the best I can go.

Thank you for your response !!

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