Stat Strip linearity material

If you want to move away from the CAP Linearity surveys, WBGQ, what are you using for linearity material for the Stat Strip meters? which company? which software besides the EP evaluator can we use to calculate data?





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Nova has a linearity kit.  


We use Nova Biomedical Linearity material.  They also have a template that is easy to use.  Any questions feel free to reach out.

Thank you!, I am new to POCT and wanted to make sure we are doing this right. Yes, I just contacted them and will be ordering the linearity kit.


what do you do with the linearity material?  I hardly ever have to use it. 



We use Nova Biomedical Linearity material.

Do you have 3rd party middleware for the meters such as RALS?  Usually middleware has the ability to perform linearity charts.

Any questions please reach out

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