PPM Post Vas Semen Analysis QC


Does anyone have a good example of a PPM post vas semen analysis QC procedure that they would be willing to share?

Thank you!

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I would also be interested in this procedure. We are evaluating the current process, and may possibly move this testing to the laboratory.

In the interest of making your life easier, I think I would also ask why  a post-vasectomy semen analysis needs to be done as PPM/POC.  Would any intervention be done based on the result?  Just as a point of comparison, not only do we not do it PPM/POC, we don't even offer it in our hospital laboratory.  Since only presence/absence of sperm is being determined (unlike fertility-based semen analysis), we simply keep at room temperature and send to a reference lab.  No complaints yet!

The CDC and CLIA put together a PPMP booklet that includes a qualitative semen analysis procedure in addition to other PPMP tests.  The booklet can be downloaded or you can request a free copy.





Currently our Urologists do these in the clinic for the convience of the patient who is there for a post procedure visit. Our recent TJC inspection did not find any citations, but I know that we need a quality control plan as we are not currently doing any QC.

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James, one reason to perform at POC is because the charge for the post vas semen may be included in the professional procedure charge.  If the sample is sent to the main lab we are not able to bill for it. 

We use strek controls. No complaints and they work well, mimic the PT survey samples.

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