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If you upgraded from the Abbott PXP meter to the Wireless FreeStyle meter did you do your own training on the FS meter or have assistance from Abbott? 

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We are at beginning stages with that process as well.  Our rationale is after we give the meters a thorough eval., we're going to decide whether we need to do full training for every user (and therefore need assistance from Abbott) or if it is intuitive/similar enough to the old meters that we don't need to do that (and therefore do not need Abbott).

We are upgrading also.  Meters are still in the box, except for the one I am playing with.  It looks like they will be so similar to the old meters that I am thinking of having everyone review a slideshow on Healthstream, and then just have a quick class for hands-on testing on the meters. 

Do you all have TrueID/PPID currently on the old meters?

I looked at going to the wireless meters but did not due to higher strip price and the inability to find the meters if they are lost.

 I was going to do no training on it. Just pick up the old strips/meters and put down the new ones.

With the amount of devices people are familiar with, they will figure out the wireless portion of it soon enough. I took off TrueID and PPID on our old meters.

Deanna Bogner


Never bothered with TrueID/PPID as long as our meters were not wireless.  If the staff is declining the PPID confirmation any more than, say 5% of the time (because the meter hasn't received a recent ADT update), then it didn't seem worth it.  Now that we are transitioning to wireless, we will re-evaluate.


Hello everyone. Which FreeStyle meter are you talking about? I am looking for new glucometers and researching what would be best.


Julie Brim

FreeStyle Precision Pro - I think it's the only hospital meter they make?

Hello All!

We currently use FSPP for both glucose and ketones along with TrueID for PPID.  We implemented TrueID in 2011 with our PXPs.  This has been very successful.  In July 2016 we upgraded to the FSPP utilizing wireless connectivity, still with PPID.  As far as training I assigned the equivalent of a read-and-sign in our learning managment system identifying the few features that were different.  The biggest hurdle with the wireless has been the PPID download to the devices.  With the wireless this happens when the meter is powered on and can be by-passed very easily.  This has been a learning curve as staff are very used to having PPID when testing patients, but is smoothing out on its own.  Also an issue until discovered was that operator information does not update unless the device is docked. 

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