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Does anyone have any experience using the Siemens Clinitek Status +; are there any downsides or restrictive limitations?

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Yes, there are some troubling limitations.  Sending configurations through RapidComm requires turning the analyzer off/on.  Remote connectivity should not require this.  Another major problem is that the instrument can only store ranges for one set of controls at a time.  When the lot# changes you need to update the ranges in each Clinitek manually.  Not fun if you have a lot of analyzers or devices in remote locations.  We also have problems with the internal clocks.  They tend to gain time, which interferes with automatic charting.  You can't post a result with a future time.

We had our Cliniteks hooked up to Telcor and it was a breeze.  No problems with connectivity.

Even when the main hospital computer is down, the results will go to the EMR directly as soon as the computer is up.

We run UHCG in ER.  It works like a charm ( knock on wood).

 The ER staff do not have to set a timer anymore  or read the UHCG visually.

The result goes directly to the EMR

The UA dipstick is another story.  WE have not figured out how to do UA dipstick in ER without double billing.

So ER does not do UA but our  L&D does UA dipstick.

WE are not able to charge the L&D for UA dipstick because we cannot double bill if there is confirmation to do.

This has nothing to do with the instrument.   Doing the UA dipstick is fine. 

We just did not want to check the charges at the back end and have to cancel duplicate charges.

Until the UA dipstick can be charged separately from the Microscopic and confirmation we cannot use it for that purpose.

They are great little instruments.

Hi Pet,

Do you have Epic?  Our billing team wrote a bunch of rules for UA macro, UA macro with micro, POCT UA macro with lab micro, UA complete (macro/micro) all around bundling and replacing the 81003/81015 with 81001.  This happens on the epic side not the lab side.


Also, if lab repeats the UA macro the billing deletes the charge for the POCT macro and bills out the lab charge.



Still waiting for Epic.  They told  us this year but it does not look like it is going to happen.

I will have to email and call you so you can help me  out to  get the charges for the UA dipstick.

Would you send me your contact info if you don’t min? .

Right now we have Meditech for HIS and LIS.


Hi Pet,

Feel free to email me at



There is a software upgrade to address the time issue if you are a RALS user.  Not sure if it applies to other middleware programs.

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We have installed Clinitek STATUS devices at multiple locations and it is one of the least problematic devices, for the most part.  I echo Terry's comments on how the analyzer clock gains time - not sure what that's about, but although the timestamp may be off slightly, it does not stop it from posting to the EMR - lucky for us.  We use Telcor for middleware, which also offers Operator Certification, which updates to the analyzers every 10-15" or so.  Nice feature.  Regarding QC lots, yes it is true that it can only hold 1 lot; however, we simply order large volumes of single lots so the range settings do not need to be changed often.  I don't see it as a major issue at all.

  Regarding the double-testing/double-billing when a sample is sent to lab for follow-up - that was fine prior to changing our in-lab UA platform to the Iris.  Between the Iris and the LIS (Sunquest), we cannot seem to command the Iris to ONLY perform the microscopic and not repeat the macro.  So, we end up doing 2 macros - and one either gets credited/rejected by billing software, or we are billing for 2 and insurers have been paying for 2.  As that end is not within my purview, I am not entirely sure.

Thank you all for the awesome comments.

James-  Did you know Telcor can set the date/time on your Clinitek also.   This stops the problem of the fast clock J.

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Ooh, no I didn't, but I will pursue - thanks Katie!

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